Saturday, 12 June 2010

Animation Club

Whilst I was feelancing as Magic Lantern I rather avoided using animation; not because it was uninteresting - far from it - simply because it  takes time (seemingly always in short supply in school these days).  I was (and am) interested in techniques that allow primary teachers to create movies in a few hours and use familiar texts like poems and traditional stories as the basis for film making. I developed a technique, based on digital storytelling, which started with a sound recording and illustrated with puppetry often consisting of simple cardboard rod puppets. It is as quick to film as live action and shares many of the advantages of animation. 
Since being part of the Persistence of Vision project funded by Film: 21st Century Literacy  and organised on behalf of the Media Education Association I've started to explore in greater depth. As always my focus has been on the practicalities and I've been using Pivot Stickfigure Animator a fair bit over the last year. It's free, easy to start using and kids love it. It is also quite expressive especially when used with a range of backgrounds and extra figures. I'm hoping to start a support section here sometime soon.
Now though. I have started a lunch time animation club with our Art Teacher, Claudine Schofield...