Sunday, 13 June 2010

Monday 7th. June

Since the club only has the second half of the summer term, I decided to follow Oscar Stringer's mantra and keep it simple...
The Nonny is a short humorous poem I've used before - most often for teacher workshops to illustrate how quickly it is possible to make a complete, satisfying movie. It's by James Reeves. This is it
The Nonny Bird I love particularly, 
All day she chirps her joysome odes.
She rises perpendicularly
But if she goes too far, explodes
After reciting it a couple of times to the children I asked them to draw a Nonny working with their groups. I showed them some slides of peacocks, parrots and birds of paradise. One group decided to make a commitee bird - one child making the body, one the wings etc. -then glued them together at the end - a great idea I thought.