Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Audioblog / Future Technologies

Proton-Persona-Elegance-LED-Tail-LampPerfect! A traffic holdup - now is the chance to audioblog about the coming day. Recording made now... just send... After several sending attempts ... nothing! I'll try again tomorrow... only this time I'll wait until I'm in reach of wireless networks (in the staffroom) before sending.

Big week. Start Key Stage 3 classes on their Future Technologies project and a Department self- review. Does blogging count as self-review?
Future Technologies originated as a Prezi project designed by the excellent Teach-ICT site, but it's grown and transformed somewhat into a highly collaborative pupil-led project. based round Google Apps for Education....
This project is intended to explore a partcipatory culture. Here's my Kidspeak Normalspeak version:

In this project
Your group should build a wiki about your chosen aspects of the theme
  • Make it easy for others to share what you have made.
  • Help each other with the technical stuff and pass on what you have learned
  • Show respect for everybody's work
  • Look at what others are doing and make helpful comments