Sunday, 30 January 2011

Digital Glue's video site

I've been busy building Miro Video Communities for the MEA and St Felix since before Christmas. Up to now there has been a link to a video blog I made some time ago but it was never really satisfactory. The new Miro Community site has space for up to 500. Many of the movies were made when I was freelancing as Magic Lantern although there are some more recent as well as videos made for fun and tutorials too. I have videos spread across YouTube, vimeo, Google Video and two bliptv accounts but a Miro Community will aggregate videos from almost anywhere. When I put them altogether I was amazed to discover I have over 80 - although I have left a few out..... I have added a Digital Glue Video widget to the sidebar.
I'm not sure how Miro can offer such a brilliant service for free but I'm extremely glad they do. Miro also have a desktop video aggregator which is rather elegant and completely free. It will find and download online videos from all over the place, play them when you have no internet connection and deletes them easily when you have watched - handy for your teacher laptop. Miro is part of the Participatory Culture Foundation. Also connected with PCP is MITV (Make Internet Television) a site outlining the process of getting video filmed, edited and published. Useful for anyone who wishes to put a bit more online than just videos from their phone but needs a bit of help.