Tuesday, 25 January 2011


First proper launch of the wikiweb. Watched Wikis in Plain English and discussed the idea of a web of interlinked wikis with a wiki Hub which I had already built. It is tricky to make this Hub available for Digital Glue followers as our Google Apps for Education protocol is currently set for in-school viewing only. But I'll investigate uploading a site template when we have refined it a little.

Students were then asked to:
  • Complete a checklist of their group skills and organise skills training
  • Build their wiki and share editing rights within their group. Their wikis were then added to the registry of wikis on the Hub. We need to investigate bit.ly as the wiki blog pages have very cumbersome URLs
  • Create a Page for each member of the group as well as a blog page (GApps 'Announcements') where visitors can read updates and comment.
  • Explore the Hub wiki and discuss with a partner
Since each group has five minutes of support time I shall need to cut down on lesson intro time. We use NetSupport as a network manager. I've downloaded a trumpet fanfare from findsounds.com for one minute "commercial breaks" when I can demonstrate skills on their screens. I must  see if I can find time to create a set of video tutorials using Camstudio. If I do, you can be sure I'll post them here somewhere..