Sunday, 23 January 2011

For Mary (and other non-Geekspeakers)

Digital Glue Geekspeak
'"The widget on the top of my sidebar updates every time I post a new boo"
In the top right-hand corner of the page, underneath the big number, there is a dark grey box with the heading AudioBoo. Every time I record and publish a new sound report, it will appear here. A sound report on AudiBoo is called a boo (silly I know, but I didn't call it that). You can listen to it by clicking on the play button ( the white triangle that points to the right).
* Slightly exaggerated for effect.
Well I know which one I'd rather type...

Jargon is shorthand for those in the know, but deciding how much is accepable can be tricky. Back in the early noughties when a NOF ICT trainer (remember them), I used to offer a box of Maltesers as a prize if anyone caught me using unexplained jargon. I am pleased to say I only ever bought one box -and that was when I turned myself in for using the frankly loathsome, 'deliver' instead of 'teach'.
I was recently given a handout bulletpointing the features of a thinking classroom which said that teachers should use the correct subject language and help students to do the same. I must say I don't fancy the idea of having a dictionary on the site nor do I fancy the translation alternative. I suppose it is a question, as always, of audience and purpose. I'm clear about my purpose and I know who my intended audience is - I just don't know what they know. To be fair, Mary was only looking at this blog because she is a friend, an ex-teacher and I asked her.
So I have added a survey for you to say what you think and I hereby declare weekends a Geekspeak-free zone. Maybe when the first flush of enthusiasm wears off they'll be a blog-free zone too. .
So, Mary, check the radio button in the poll widget on the sidebar. OK?