Friday, 14 January 2011

The Gamer (I.I.I. pt.3)

Until this term I've always critiqued and created films as separate, six-week modules.  There are several reasons why this has been so, but perhaps the main one being the difficulty of everyone "having a go" meaningfully at film-making in three, hour-long lessons.  But, thinking about the whole integration business again this week,  I'm planning to give it a stab .

Following The Black Hole unit children should be aware how important sound is to the meaning and atmosphere of film and that is possible to tell a meaningful narrative with no speech at all.  I wanted every child to be able to make their own film: conceive, script, record and edit, so it needed to be static and short.  My solution is below. I'll try to post some of the students' videos around half term...

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