Saturday, 15 January 2011

Intellectual : Moi ? Property : Mine ?

Pondering my intellectual property yesterday (The Gamer scenario) I stuck a Creative Commons license on it and fell a'wondering. How many schools teach this stuff?
I first came across CC licenses when I began using bliptv to host my Magic Lantern videos a few years back. On this site I've used the excellent SearchCC page for images not my own. I've decided it's much less clunky  just to put a general CC license for everything on this site
Introducing classes to the link button for the SearchCC page I've put on our Google Apps for Education start page I told them this story:
A few months ago my daughter appeared downstairs fuming: a Facebook 'friend' had used one of Kate's images as a profile picture without so much as a 'by your leave'.
I asked several classes who would feel the same as Kate and who would not.  Most  students were sympathetic - but a significant minority said they would feel pleased to have their stuff used. Heated and very interesting discussion ensued...
All this good work had an ironic footnote however...
Many of the links on the SearchCC  page I was advocating were filtered... as are the remarks I made to myself when I found out... What clearer evidence is there that imposed filtering gets in the way of Media Education?
MEA have been protesting about centralised filtering for some time and I was pleased to see Stephen Heppell and friends are on to it with their Cloudlearn project.