Friday, 7 January 2011

MEA Video Community

As far as I know, no-one, anywhere has made a online collection of videos suitable for teachers of media. That is exactly what I am currently trying to do for the Media Education Association. Yet, despite a membership of (approaching) 500 educators, only one other person, has posted a video to the MEA Video Community.
Disappointed, yes. Surprised, not really. Apparently it is thought that in any online community of 100 souls, only 9 will participate on some level and just 1 will be truly active... So here I am promoting the idea through my blog.
When I first set the site up using the splendid, free, open-source facility, Miro Community, I was slightly irked that our community was not embedded on the MEA site (money m'dear) but I've just realised  that this could be an advantage since it is accessible to non-MEA members
Imagine a site you could go to which has a huge collection of online videos, hand-picked by educators and tagged and categorised to help you find the most suitable for you - now wouldn't that be useful? So get on in there and add your favourites to the site.
What do we want? Anything that is an excellent example of it's type, have a look and see what is there already.

MEA membership is entirely free incidentally - just register to access to loads of useful stuff.