Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Old Woman and Her Pig - Movie Kit 1

During a year-long residency at Easton Primary School a few years ago, it became clear how useful it would be to have some copyright-free images and video for schools to use for media teaching purposes. This set of photographs are for use with Key Stage 1 children. They illustrate the traditional tale 'The Old Woman and her Pig'. One of the things we discovered, was how brilliant Photo Story 3 is with an IWB, with children taking turns to record the narrative themselves using a headset - while the rest of the class sat on the carpet by the board doing SFX. Screen East gave me a grant to put these resources together, along with some online tutorials . You can still find the complete Kit here. Meanwhile enjoy playing with the Cooliris slide wall (full screen is best!)

*July 2011 this resource also now appears on the dedicated resources page