Tuesday, 11 January 2011

POV 3.1

Back in November I was lucky enough to attend the MLC 2010 conference. I'm not a conference crawler, so it was a fascinating and intimidating experience to attend and present. Now I've had time to digest it better, the feeling that remains is a slightly schizophrenic sense of being at home in an alien land. It is really heartwarming to meet so many people who share your passion but it also made me realise how little I actually knew of the theory. So I've printed out a copy of Henry Jenkins et al's (apparently seminal) Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture: Media Education for the 21st Century.  I haven't actually read it yet, of course, but I will; almost certainly as self-abasement for not engaging him in sparkling discourse over dinner and instead wondering, in an admittedly slightly wine-sodden way, whether, despite his professorial white beard, balding pate and round glasses, he was actually younger than me.

You can decide for yourself now, as a redoubtable team of editors has put together the newest issue of the MEA's Journal POV and it's an online experience with videos, slideshows the lot. Like me, you probably won't attend them all but there is much good stuff there. Media Literacy in the Classroom was the keynote I enjoyed the most though I'd urge you to use this link so you can access the whole POV caboodle as well as everything else the Association offers - and it's all free...