Thursday, 20 January 2011

Raising the game: raising the gain

Amongst the strategies to be in place at the outset,  for our collaborative Future Technologies project are:

• online help offered / help  wanted noticeboards (Wallwisher) ...Peer mentoring

• homework task each week to look at and comment on at least one new site...

• group collaboration agreements on the group wiki

• each site has a blog detailing changes made that week

• central wiki for publishing and sharing useful resources, including a directory of all group sites

• group secretary to evaluate work done and plan future work

• group responsibility to publish their sources

• teacher publishes a public blog ( which discusses the project's progress

• allocated five minutes teacher support time/group/week

Undoubtedly some of these strategies will work better than others and new ideas, generated by students or me, will be exploited. I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile... Have you any practical ideas - please comment below