Friday, 28 January 2011

Sometimes you wonder where they've been...

Coil (PSF)
A Spiral Curriculum?
Learners are strange creatures. There I am using the Google slideshow I posted yesterday with an able class of Year 7 students. There they are busy downloading music and sound effects, recording webcam video, screen capturing online games and saying things like " this Camtasia is so cool I'm going to download it tonight". And then you notice with surprise someone hasn't made a folder to put their work in.  Now the slideshow clearly instructs them to do this before starting to collect assets.  So I ask "Why don't you keep the slideshow open on another tab, so you can check back easily and see what you need to do?".  Blank looks.  "Do you know how to open a new tab on your browser?"  Slightly sulky headshaking meaning "You never told us to do that..."
My guess is that although they have been shown how to do this they have rarely had a real need.  They are so used to using forward and back buttons they have continued using this skill, when using tabs would have served them so much better.
I wonder, now they can see they have been shown the purpose in a real context for a real reason for using it, whether the mud will stick. And if it does what does this say about how we teach?