Monday, 24 January 2011

Thinking Day

I decided this year I needed time and space to think and work on my own account, so I now teach for four days a week and Mondays is my "free" work time. I spent far too much of this weekend indoors, and ended up thinking round in circles. So the sunshine this morning confirmed my decision to go for a walk. Just to look, just to see what was going on in the real world that is on my doorstep. I hadn't planned to make this little movie, it's made using my phone, it is virtually unedited apart from the cross fades put in by the excellent "Splice" app, which also rendered it and uploaded to YouTube. This I believe is called Handheld Learning:)

As if to confirm that today really is a thinking day I've just been sent a link to a seriously interesting and timely project.
Pete Fraser and Jon Wardle are putting together a Manifesto for Media Education. The site currently features short essays by some of the movers and shakers in the world of Media Education. The editors say, " This project is an attempt to develop a shared understanding, some shared reasons, for media education."
Coincidentally, I'm presenting at TeachMeet East in a couple of weeks on "Why teach Media?"  I'd better get reading...