Friday, 11 February 2011

Google Apps

If, like me, you tend to assume everyone knows what you know, it's sometimes possible to miss the blindingly obvious.
Last Saturday I attended the TeachMeet East in Norwich. I haven't blogged about it because reading about a conference you cannot/did not attend is about as exciting as listening to someone talking about a TV progamme you haven't seen. There was a fair degree of backchannelling via Twitter.
Mark Allen (edintheclouds) gave a presentation about how a small rural primary school have dispensed with an expensive VLE/ Learning Platform and went over to using Google Apps for Education. There was a deal of tweeted (and other) excitement over this idea. I found myself in complete agreement with Mark on this one - that is exactly what we did last summer when we realised that a bill for about £3,000 p.a was coming our way,  when the free trial period ran out - and when I came to the conclusion that Goggle Apps actually does the job better.
The Futures project I have been blogging about has been using Google Sites shared within small groups to make mini-wikis and there is a Hub wiki , shared with everyone. The screen shot above shows our current start page, featuring links to the basic Apps at the top, additional features and links to current work.
Now wouldn't it have made sense to tell you all this in the beginning...