Friday, 18 February 2011

Manifesto for Media Education 2

Some weeks back I mentioned the Manifesto site. Little did I think then that I might be joining the somewhat illustrious company of contributors. I had imagined myself merely extracting information and inspiration with the odd light comment thrown in - just to be participatory. However, with only a slight hint of barrel-scraping Pete Fraser ( a fellow MEA executive member) has asked me to put my mind to it, and, flattered, of course I agreed to give it a stab.
Their big problem is that  educators specialising in media always tend to be working with GCSE-aged students and up, and almost no-one from the primary sector does - at least not publicly. So that just leaves me. Membership of the MEA is similarly unequal. In fact I suspect the reasons for this disparity may well be the subject of my contribution. I wonder how many visitors to this site teach under 11s? Click my site survey in the sidebar - pretty please.