Monday, 21 February 2011

Peace at last...

Almost as distressing as the sound effects for the ClassTools fruit machine I had on the home page for a week, were the groans and cries of despair from a certain person who lives here, every time she ventured to look at the page. We have an excellent pair of Creative Gigaworks speakers on our desktop which transmit with horrible fidelity the piercing football rattle followed by shrill cheering, that some misguided programmer decided would enhance the tool's appeal. If someone inadvertently left the sound turned up - after listening to music say, or a quiet YouTube video - the vibrations set up in our (reclaimed oak) computer desk transmitted themselves like a mild electric shock through your mouse-hand. Perhaps my unconscious mind was at work when I titled the post in which it was embedded as, "How stupid can I get?"
I first saw it used at a TeachMeet and found it oppressively grating there. I was then foolish enough to use it for displaying a list on the Hub Wiki at school and heard it issuing at startlingly irregular intervals though tinny monitor speakers.  So I've lived with it for what seems an inordinately long time. Yesterday I was on the point of disabling the thing forever, when it was suggested that The Sound was probably putting people off visiting my site. So I was delighted to find that yesterday's post had driven it from the home page forever. It now lurks in the archive waiting to ambush the unwary browser.
If, on the other hand, you are the sort of person who goes Christmas bathing in the frozen Serpentine and you really crave the stimulation, turn up the volume and click here.