Monday, 7 February 2011

Self Evaluation

One thing writing a blog has done is to make me more acutely aware of the value of self-evaluation.  I suppose navel-gazing is pretty much what this blog is although, hopefully, the fluff filter isn't too blocked up...
Writing reports I found myself saying things like: "needs to evaluate projects carefully to build on what they have learned." rather often and this set me wondering how much we really teach our students what it is they need to be evaluating. OK, so we all fill in an APP* sheet at the end of a project but actually the smell and taste of the learning has faded somewhat by then. Self evaluation is something that learners need to do as they go along and they don't need to write it down, the doing  is an end in itself. This is especially important when engaged in self-directed learning like the Future Technologies project.  How do we teach this amongst a welter of Learning Objectives and Targets?  I've just tried to make a list of generic features - it is by no means complete or definitive so feel free to comment.
I'm going to show the list below at the beginning of the lesson then send an electronic survey at the end of the lesson via Google or Screen Monkey and we'll discuss the anonymous results. I'm planning to do the survey for four lessons. That should give me plenty of material to analyse. Once I've got something to share I'll be blogging...
Self evaluation questions:

How well did you understand the task?
Did you have a clear idea of how you would achieve your goal?
How focussed were you?
How did you deal with problems as you went along?
How efficiently did you use your time?
How happy are you with what you achieved?
What was the level of challenge?
How much did you learn?
Have you any ideas you will develop in future?
What were the obstacles to learning?

* Assessing Pupil Progress: a UK National initiative in formative assessment