Monday, 14 February 2011

What is the Purpose of Education?

Blind men and elephant
I think it's reasonable to assume that readers of this blog will find this a useful and interesting question to address.
There seems to be a groundswell discussion about just this question emerging over at purpos/ed. Nobody especially famous or politically important seems to be moving this along. The fact that increasing numbers of people seem to be talking about the site and education bloggers are out in some force trying to answer this question has to mean that the zeitgeist is right.
So I sat down over the weekend and started to write my own 500 word blog. Before long I began to realise that there is a real risk of being trite, and the feeling my words were simplistic, unoriginal and decontextualised grew, the more I wrote. Why should this be?  I mused...
I prefer making and improvising and reflecting. I prefer to think about the general in the context of the specific I often feel that I best know what I think when I've said it - I think best in a social context. Also this blog is about media education so there's a real risk of losing focus.
The key questions that gave rise to the purpos/ed poject are important issues for all educators,  but I'm planning to continue answering them discursively and reactively. In fact, maybe one of the purposes of education is help people find out how they think best.
So I'll be tweeting on #purposed whenever I think this blog addresses a relevant issue and reacting to the flow of debate through comment Why don't you too?