Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Year 6 Parent Consultations

Parents evenings I find I get into a kind of thematic "jam session" where variations evolve that fit the child we are talking about .
Musing as I drove home this evening I summed up the themes we had been improvising on thus:

It is impossible to know what applications  may be available and thus what specific skills may be needed in 7 years time when our Y6 students leave school ( Youtube and Facebook have both appeared in the last seven).
ICT is not a subject in the traditional sense of the word, but a state of mind. We must therefore look to the attitudes and skills that will stand them in good stead as learners of the technology. Amongst others, these are:
  • to be playful - prepared to try things out without fear of making mistakes
  • to be able to visualise a goal and find productive channels which realise their imaginings
  • to be able to maintain focus sufficiently to make things that are worthwhile
  • to be exercising their skills by making something original
And then about half an hour down the road it struck me - I had been describing key features of  creativity...

Best story heard all evening? A student who has become heavily into making animations. He had persuaded his parents to buy "I Can Animate" and now his two two younger siblings were hooked as well. We talked about how creative a process animation is and I recommended the Hue webcam as being good for 2D and 3D animation. His father said as they left - "That will be well worth every penny..."
I know I'm a film maker and not a gamer but is it wrong to feel that making animations with younger siblings (and parents I suspect)  is so much more worthwhile than X-box or Playstation?