Saturday, 19 March 2011

Dr. John

No, not the Gris-Gris one from way down in New Orleans, the one quoted at the head of this blog. I met John when working on the Persistence of Vision animation project with a team of academics and animators put together by Cary Bazalgette. We hit it off immediately. This happens sometimes, similar age, similar interests - you know the kind of stuff.
Today, reading his piece for the Manifesto for Media Education (MFME) * gave me slightly spooky sensation. It's rare to read something with which one so whole-heartedly agrees and gives you a name-check into the bargain...
But, as David Byrne might have said, "This ain't no journal, this ain't no critique, this ain't no pe-er review" .

*My Tag cloud is threatening to burst because of all the Manifesto for Media Education labels so MFME it is from now on