Friday, 25 March 2011

The Gamer: 2 : 0

Well, we finally have two Gamer 'masterpieces'. The first by a Gifted and Talented Year 7 boy. He has done a deal of video work before and is well ahead of the rest of his group in completing his video. It is a well integrated piece - sound, screen capture and webcam video all work together to create an excellent mini movie that meets the scenario brief superbly. If I get his parent's permission I'll put it on YouTube and post it here.
Delighted though I was with this piece, another student gave me just as much cause for celebration. So much so I wrote his request up on the staffroom noticeboard as a quote of the week:
" Can I come back at lunchtime and finish my work? (no) Oh perleease..."
Why the delight? This is a student who really does not find school an easy place to be - I'm sure that he and  his teachers would all agree with this statement. Yet he is so pleased with how his project is going, he actually wanted to spend a sunny lunchtime finishing it.
I've seen this kind of response quite often when film making. He is succeeding in a culture that matters to him , he has found his voice and is creating something he and his peer group will appreciate and enjoy but most of all he has found flow - and he likes it...

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