Wednesday, 27 April 2011


As mentioned in a previous post we have been making Royal Wedding comic strips, using our 30-day free trial from Bitstrips for Schools. Meanwhile I've been buttonholing other departments for a subscription contribution. At $1.50 / head / annum it's not expensive, but I don't feel like paying the whole whack from my budget if other departments will be using it at least as much as me! It has been a pleasure to use - really well designed site, with lots of nice touches. Take a look at some of the embedded strip players on our school site.
I guess cloud apps like this will become the norm as time passes. Subscriptions have advantages over buying a site licence: you always get the latest version, you are not committing to a particular piece of kit for an indefinite period, their server hosts your content and it's accessible from home and school. The Future?
(I hereby declare not to be in the pay of Bitstrips!)

Click here for 'Bitstrips for Storyboards'