Monday, 4 April 2011

MEA Video Community 2

Since the MEA's newletter went out last week extolling the virtues of our video community I thought I'd better go and have a fresh look myself. Realising I hadn't posted anything new for a little while, with a spurt of enthusiasm, I've researched and posted a dozen new videos. The video community is set up as a standalone video site which means anyone can post there, though as the administrator I get to vet the suggestions - or would, if  anyone else posted there...
We now have 100 online videos, all suitable for use in school. The age categories need a bit of sorting, but I can't imagine anyone showing a video to their students without having watched it first. I've recently included some fabulous short films from the Vimeo Awards 2010 and have started scouring lists of videos recommendations that have been posted online. If you have a favourite that isn't there, just register on the site and post the URL. You can access the site here or via the MEA Video community widget in the sidebar. Why worry about the legality of your end of term DVDs - make a playlist of your favourites - most are complete films and under five minutes long.