Thursday, 21 April 2011

Work/Life balance

Am I just getting old? Twelve days into the holiday it finally began feeling like holiday today. Sure an endless day of sunshine helps, but I also discovered my car needed a wheel bearing replacing and spent nearly an hour in the dentist's chair this morning. These things must counterbalance a little solar radiation surely?
In desperation over the seemingly endless house-and-garden-bashing that Chez Brook seems to require, Maggot and I drove some distance to a village to look at a cottage we might be able to afford, that appeared to offer the things we need (primarily space). We parked the car and went for a walk round the churchyard, then wandered in late afternoon sunshine down a village street full of rather beautiful houses: ancient, old and new. Some extraordinary trees, mainly beeches, were growing in the gardens and delicate creeping plants grew on old walls. We ended up in the pub across the road from the church, where refeshment was taken in the back yard (mine was Woodforde's Wherry). We talked about our house, constructively, thoughtfully and then drove home through country lanes via a rather good fish and chip shop. Not exactly higher-order hedonism really.
But somewhere along the way a sense of perspective began to bloom. How can this be bottled for later consumption when needed...