Saturday, 7 May 2011


One of the advantages of living here is our relative proximity to the beach. Driving home one beautifully sunny afternoon this week, I decided a visit to the beach was the order of the day and it took little effort to persuade Mrs. DG to come with me. Ever practical, she took wellies and a decent camera and I took neither. 
Walberswick beach, frequent winner of the "cleanest beach in East Anglia" award, was clean of people too. It was chilly, but lovely golden evening light more than compensated. Watching her take photographs I immediately wanted to start videoing of course. The best I could manage was to use my phone while I cursed my lack of camera foresight (and wellie foresight too). Actually the phone didn't do too bad a job. The wind made using the captured audio impractical, so I spent a pleasant time when I got home looking for suitable music. 
The track 'Beverley' comes from the much under-rated album 'Inside Out' by the late, great John Martyn. It's a landmark album for me, being the first I bought when I went to college back in 1973. This means I've been listening to it off and on for nearly forty years (aargh) and it still sounds fresh and 'edgy' - perhaps because it was almost completely improvised in the studio - and has the superb Danny Thompson on double bass. The meandering quality of the track is a perfect aural match for the visual. So good I decided not to do an iphone edit but save it for the desktop. I'd have loved more, high-quality footage to do better justice to the piece but that's a project for another day maybe...
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