Monday, 23 May 2011

Space and emptiness

A visit to Redgrave and Lopham Fen yesterday...
Once again a phone job - I really must get a pocket video camera to live in my bag... Mrs. DG has an Ixus which is always with her, one of the reasons she takes such such good pictures (that and natural genius, of course). Actually I'd love a really top-end Panasonic or Canon, but with a kind of inverted snobbery (and poverty) I'm actually most interested in using devices and software that are commonly available. I'm in a bit of a technical hole at the moment as Movie Maker won't import iPhone footage and I'm not sufficiently comfortable with online editors to make this type of video - where the video is edited to music. Perhaps I'll give it a go in my ongoing Stroome trial.

I wanted some music that somehow reflected the fenscape - minimal. This piece by Brian Eno was certainly that and has dramatic structure which suggested minimalist editing too. The software I was using (Serif MoviePlus X3) allows speed adjustment so one or two of the clips are stretched to fit as some of them were short of the 10 second clips I usually reckon to take; these needed to be 9 seconds to fit between the music's heavy pulses. Note to self: 10 seconds is quite a long time.

Of course I'm being a bit of a hypocrite here, using copyright music. My justification is as follows.
I only use music that has been around a long while. If people hear it and enjoy it they may pay for the album, so I always ensure full credit has given and I'm not seeking payment in any kind for the movie. Hopefully it's a free advert for Brian Eno's* music. For those of you who haven't noticed, there are increasingly links to paid-for downloads next to YouTube videos - usually a day or so after they have been uploaded. I received an email notification telling me that I had infringed copyright but that I need take no further action, so I'm guessing the publishers are using similar criteria. What are your thoughts?
* 'Zawinul/Lava' from 'Another Green World'

P.S. Rechecking my link to Brian Eno above I Googled the Koan Music Generator and ended up downloading the Mixtykl generative music app for my phone. So expect some on a video - once I've learned how to use it!