Monday, 16 May 2011


 For the last three years I've been boring anyone who'd listen, about the Kaltura collaborative video plugin. Up to now you have had to install it on your own servers - too difficult for me and many teachers I suspect. Stroome have set up a collaborative video service using the plugin - I can't quite believe that I've only just found it - thanks to a Twitter link to a BBC video. Video Collaboration means simply that groups of people can upload video, images and sound to a project that can be shared within the classroom...or the world. Better yet, users can remix the clips using a simple or more advanced editor. This has the potential for some really exciting projects ... Breakfast in Bognor and Benares? Human rights in Harlow and Hanoi? I haven't dared think about this properly but I'm sure as shooting going to start NOW!
Before I get too carried away I'll be trying this out in my classroom as soon as I possibly can. It is necessary for students to register which means they'll need an email account and it may well be that the dreaded filters will block the site, if not now, then soon. Once I've classroom trialled it I'll be looking for collaborators...
Want to give it a go? Click here. This project launches with the advanced editor.
This is a project I've launched for the Creating Media group of the MEA  but any reader of this blog is very welcome to upload and edit too...