Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Pivot - Some problems solved

We hit a problem today with a year 8 animation project. Laura wanted to change the second half of her (fairly long) animation, but didn't want to delete over 100 frames individually - which is all Pivot will let you do by way of editing.  The suggestion I made was to use Camstudio video screen capture to save the animation as an avi file and edit the end in Movie Maker.  I suddenly realised that this is a useful workround for other Pivot problems we have encountered...
Pivot, in common with most media editors saves work in its own project format (.piv ). You need to export the files in order to use them elsewhere. Pivot will export movies as an animated gif or every frame as a series of bitmap files. Movie maker handles animated gifs reasonably well but treats them as image files, not movie files. This is usually fine and has its advantages. For example you can drag image files to be any length you like - gifs simply repeat themselves over and over which is really useful for figures walking against a moving background. BUT there are many editing functions you cannot use ( you want a list?). Also long animated gifs may run poorly or be covered in artefacts. Using Camstudio to save your animation means they can be saved and edited as a high quality video files.

This information will be added to the Pivot page at a later date