Thursday, 30 June 2011

Tone Matrix

My friend Andy showed me this great "toy" last night. It's possible to create some really rather beautiful loops very simply -or, as one of the comments on the site says: Steve Reich in seconds. In common with other commentators I immediately wanted to record my creations. So I fiddled about with the settings in Audacity and made this brief Jing screencast showing what I found. If you export  the loops you like as mp3s they can be mixed in Audacity to create a longer and more complex piece.
I think it would be great for a class to create a loop and make a short, abstract animation to go with it. If the animations were saved in a shared area  students could use these video loops to create a whole range of related mashups. I'll give it a go if I can find a "spare"  lesson in the muddle that always happens at this time of year...