Sunday, 21 August 2011

Not potty

No actually a little bit of digital genius (not mine)
I have fallen in love with the functionality of Posterous. I was even considering moving this blog there. I went so far as to post a question on the Blogger forum and someone there thought that from the user's end Posterous blogs are a bit clunky. Now I know this was a Google forum, but he had a point which made me pause - they don't currently support all the widgets and stuff I have in my sidebar - that and the sheer fag of it all. So I slept on it.
I've posted before about how good sleep is for problem solving and yet again the problem solved itself -
set up a mobile Digital Glue site on Posterous and use their autopost to automatically post to Blogger. I was so keen to give it a go I used my phone to take a picture of the nearest vaguely photogenic item, posted to Posterous and, well, the result is below and this post arrived that way too. So what do you think - potty or genius? I'll be blogging in more detail later on but there's a series of media posts coming up just to see what they look like...