Monday, 10 October 2011

Blogger’s Dynamic Views – another metapost

image imageWell well well… barely a day after posting a post about posting another comes along.

You are now looking at a Dynamic Blogger Page. As you can see from the screenshot on the left, you can choose to view the blog your own way.  Just hover over the style name (currently Timeslide) and you get a choice of ways of viewing the blog layout - It’s a new Blogger option which was introduced a couple of weeks ago.

I tried it out and rejected it at first but I’ve had a half a change of mind. I like the fact that the dynamic layouts encourage you to look beyond the latest post. I know from my stats that over half my visitors arrive on older posts first, so maybe the new layout will encourage them to take a look around. Our MAD project blog uses this “flipcard”  style of layout and I’ve noticed with interest how some older posts are still being viewed in ways the “classic” linear, newest-first style discourages somewhat. Though, to be fair, the readership for our school blog is rather different to this blog. As a media educator it is interesting to be reminded that the way information is presented changes the way you interact with it .

The geek in me loves all this , but the person who spent some considerable time fiddling around with the features in the sidebar feels a bit fed up as widgets aren’t available in a Dynamic view  - yet. Almost as bad I’ve lost my rather groovy Digital Glue header. So should I keep this Dynamic view?DigitalGlue logo                                                                    RIP?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Windows Live Writer can’t manage a WYSIWYG view with the new template either. Google have released a Chrome extension which allows any Blogger blog to be viewed this way too. The poll results from’s Blogging page suggest that the jury is still out. I could always post a survey in my sidebar myself of course… on the other hand maybe I’ll just  watch my stats…

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