Sunday, 9 October 2011

Is there anybody there?

… said the blogger knocking on the screenlit web ... *

When I first started this blog in earnest I hoped that it would become a forum for discussion.  At the bottom of each page there's a ‘mission statement’ that says, "I hope too it will become a forum for sharing interesting and useful ideas…"  This has not happened.  I'll admit to feeling mildly miffed but more than that I'm curious.  Why don’t readers comment?
According to my blog stats there are between 20 and eighty page hits a day probably averaging around 40.  Not in the Stephen Fry league perhaps, but not too bad for a blog with a rather specific audience. I recently thought it would be good to persuade fellow members of the MEA to plug their latest blog posts on the our website (I do) but had no idea how many  media education blogs there are out there.
So I tried a little vanity googling and the search “media education blog” put this blog third on the first page. I guess that means this blog is in a distinctly niche market. One problem is that it’s hard to tell  who are regular visitors and who are passers-by – currently only six people follow this blog.
I get excited, too, whenever my dashboard indicates a comment awaiting moderation.  I realise that's probably a bit sad but I like reading comments and find it rewarding that someone in Australia has enjoyed a post. 
Comments are often the only way a lonely blogger can find out that anyone is reading the post - but as for debate/discussion…  We have the same problem on the MEA site.  There is a principle called 90/9/1 that suggests that only very small numbers of people actively participate in social media.  Maybe too, my posts don’t encourage participation?  I suspect that most visitors don’t stay long enough to follow a trail of thinking through a series of posts and thus don’t have time to fully engage?
It’s all a bit maybe-ish but I suppose that’s the nature of the beast. What do you think?
*Apologies to WdlM ...