Sunday, 9 October 2011

Spot the difference? A Metapost…

spot the differenceDo you come here often? If you do then you’ll notice I’m posting rather less frequently at present. One major reason for this has been the MAD project blog I’m working on.  There are loads of images and videos to get on line. But another difference is that I’m currently using Windows Live Writer (WLW) to post.
Now I must confess I was put off the Windows Live suite of programs by the, frankly feeble, new version of Movie Maker. I tried WLW once before, after reading a recommendation online and saw little point in using it. Most of its functions seemed to be available in the Blogger dashboard .
One thing I’ve noticed, however, is that when using  dashboard posting I’m much more impatient about getting my words of wisdom online. Using WLW I’m finding that I’m happy to save a particular piece and resume later. Why that should be puzzles me. But it is also much a more pleasant working space.
You can copy and paste easily too like this screenshot I’ve just taken, which, you will notice, has  been cropped, the contrast enhanced  and has a white margin and drop shadow too. Now I know all this stuff could be done using any reasonable graphic software but it’s really much handier to have this available within the editor.
As you’ll see from the image WLW has the now familiar Office ribbon layout and this works really well since, unlike Office, there are a limited range of tools on offer. There are a range of useful looking plugins too, including a Twitter autopost which I’ll be trying out when I’ve finished this post.
All in all it seems I misjudged WLW first time out. I like the control it gives you over the way your post looks without having to be able to code. But perhaps most of all, I like the fact that I’ve got copies of all my posts on my desktop should all else (Google) fail – something I just never seemed to get round to doing before.
 That was a metapost – a post about posting.

 This is something altogether different…