Wednesday, 7 December 2011


NoSymbolThose of you who follow this blog will know I’ve posted before (here and here) about the frustrations caused by centralised web filtering.    You may also know that we have been making Digital Stories and uploading them to vimeo.  I have also uploaded there, some of the demo videos on my new Digital Storytelling site.
Vimeo was the host of choice because they have been unblocked by our ISP for some time. This meant that students were able to view and comment on their own and others’ work. We only needed to use a host because E2BN Protex were incapable of unblocking our access to the 10gb of video space provided free as part of Google Apps for Education. This despite the fact that the video space is only accessible by staff and students. We suspect it was because it had the words ‘Google’ and ‘Video’ in the URL… A lengthy series of emails passed back and forth ending with their promising to contact Google to sort the problem.  Since then all has been silence so I quietly got on with signing up for an excellent Vimeo Plus account.
This morning I directed my students to open my new site - which offers support and demo videos (hosted by vimeo). I expect you can imagine how I felt when the cry went up. ‘vimeo’s blocked!’ The title of this piece hints a little in case you can’t…
I was using  vimeo yesterday afternoon. This morning, with no word of explanation or warning, it was blocked. This is unbelievably maddening for someone working with online media. So I expect I’ll just return to using bliptv for my video hosting. Bliptv is a fine host but is really aimed at people making series of videos. But, to my certain knowledge, bliptv has never been blocked in East Anglian schools….  YET
Cloudlearn are apparently reporting on phase one of their findings at BETT 2012 in January. Not a moment too soon say I.

Footnote: 08/12/11
Today, while a child was using my site the final page was filtered for inappropriate content...
To be fair they did respond to my irritable message and unblock the page reasonably quickly... but well... I mean... FFFFilters....