Thursday, 15 December 2011

Ho ho ho

A rare occurrence. I was moved to give an Excellence Award this week. I’m not normally a great one for carrot or stick preferring Dan Pink’s holy trinity of motivators – Purpose, Autonomy and Mastery. But this little masterpiece needed acknowledgement as such.  As I said to the Year 7 assembly, while I was impressed by the demonstration of his skill and ability, I’ve known about those for a while -  the award was for his attention to detail and focus. The work was completed as part of a fun end-of-term “turn yourself into Santa Claus/ Elf / Barack Obama” mini project. The lessons lasted an hour by the end of which students should have emailed their “Christmas Cards” to anyone they wished. Bartek was responding to my suggestion that he could make his paste-up into an animation.

santasleighTo make his achievement clearer - in order to make this “card” he:  found an image on the internet, photographed himself with a webcam, edited the image of himself as a layer, saved the image and added an open mouth using Paint.NET, imported the two images into Movie Maker, recorded and changed the pitch of his sound track in Audacity , exported it and then added it to his Movie Maker edit. He then adjusted the length of the images to fit the sound (lip-syncing)  and added a message using titles and finally rendered his movie…

In an hour. Bartek is 11.
It was like watching someone flying a sleigh…
Merry Christmas !

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