Sunday, 4 December 2011

Izzy wizzy…

I’ve been busy building a website. I haven’t finished yet but I’m getting close. And since everyone else seems to offer Beta version of works in progress here it is…
It’s a ‘How To’ website for Digital Storytelling with Photo Story 3. Not exactly new, or ground-breaking, but a bit of research on Google suggests that nothing quite like it currently exists.  Followers of this blog may remember I’ve been making digital stories as part of our Media Art and Design archive project (MAD). I’ve repeated this project with all nine classes in the school now, so I’ve a pretty good idea what works and what’s needed.  Although it was designed for Y5 – Y8,  with support it could be used with younger children – working in groups maybe – and I don’t think it’s too patronising for older people either.
I’ve re-used some of the pages I made on Google Apps for our students and while I was about it added additional material and links that we’ve found useful. Some years ago I was given a Screen East grant for a project I called the Movie Kit, which included a set of photographs and video tutorials for Photo Story and I’ve incorporated those materials as well.
Originally I intended to use Audacity for sound recording but this proved problematic on our wireless laptops so I went back to using Photo Story exclusively. If you don’t know, it it’s a free download and probably one of my ‘Desert Island’ schoolroom programs. It’s unbelievably useful and pretty straightforward to use. It does have one or two odd features; notably that it automatically adds movement and transitions to the slideshows which can be a bit irritating. But generally, it just works. The website deals mainly with the tricky bits, avoiding pitfalls and suggests some interesting ways of using the tools it provides.
I’ve bought a domain name and I’ll transfer stuff once I’m satisfied with the result. Fear not  I’ll post  the address here as soon as it’s ready. Meanwhile I’d be delighted if people would visit and comment.