Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Scratch - a learning story

flame carThree things keep turning up in our current Scratch games programming project:
  • * The need to understand what the tools do
  • * The need to understand how the game works
  • * How good the game looks is not as important as  how well it works
I’ve been telling this story  to introduce discussion of these points
I go to the garage with my car which won’t start properly and is making some terrible noises. The mechanic comes to greet me, opens the bonnet and starts to loosen a nut with a hammer and chisel.
“Whoa"!” I exclaim, “Why aren’t you using a spanner?”
“What’s a spanner?”
“Hang on…” I ask “where did you train as a mechanic?”
“What’s training?”
I leave, taking my poorly car away. The next garage tells me they’re very busy and I must leave my car with them. When I return a few days later my car is shining like new inside and out and beautifully decorated with orange and red flames down the side. I’m delighted! I climb in, turn the keys and the car won’t start.