Thursday, 9 February 2012

Curationer and curationer

Scoopit captureJohn Potter of the Institute of Education wrote an excellent article in the Manifesto for Media Education that I blogged about last year.

“I would like to propose a fourth C word to sit alongside Creative, Cultural and Critical and that is Curatorship…   It’s a new form of cultural production which is pitched partway between making and sharing, creating temporary collections for specific purposes and then dismantling them again.”

Thanks to good ol’ twitter I came upon! It’s an online curation service in a magazine format. Now I know this sounds pretty dull or even mildly incomprehensible. It really isn’t, but the best way to find out what it’s like is go and have a look. I’ve set up a Media Education page (screenshot left) focusing mainly on Creative media making. If you’ve ever used  a feed reader like Google reader or NewsGator to collect web articles of interest, you’ll be familiar with the way you end up with loads of stuff you haven’t time to read. But sharing your feeds with the world via! makes you feel less guilty if you don’t read your articles because someone else might! It’s already found me some interesting stuff that I’ll probably be blogging about once I’ve had time to work out how to apply the ideas to my practise.