Saturday, 3 March 2012

Keep calm – stop carrying on…

obsessiveReaders between my lines will have noticed some irrational behaviour has been going on at Chez Brook. An inability to stay away from my computer is symptomatic; as is a compulsive desire to check stats and analytics to see who is stringing my pearls of wisdom.
Diagnosis? OCD (Obsessive Computer Disorder).  Prognosis: Poor
Actually quite a lot of people have been looking at this blog. This is no accident.  Social networking has been waving  fairly wildly alongside all the other tendrils of the Russian vine I planted last week. I even considered naming my affliction after the plant, but Fallopia baldschuanica sounds more like an affliction of  a transexual than of a transmedia variety - and it's very hard to pronounce - so the Russian Vine it will remain.  Actually I’ve calmed down a little and have stopped carrying on about it quite so much to anyone who would listen and even those who won’t. I’m at that stage in a love affair when the initial heady rush has calmed a little : the “Let me count the ways” phase. Sharper-eyed readers may have spotted a new tab has appeared on this blog labelled …(surprise!) Transmedia. Here I will begin gathering together resources and materials about the concept. I’ve just embedded the Google doc I made way back in the pre- “Who am I” days (nearly two whole weeks ago) and there’s a few links and the beginnings of a rationale. I’m intending all the documents to be shared so if you use them and have anything to add please go ahead.
I’ll be notifying you when there’s anything new to be seen.
There. You can rest easy in your beds now.

For readers outside the UK. The slogan "Keep Calm and Carry on" was used in British Government propaganda during WWII. There has recently been an outbreak of household items carrying this slogan.