Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A Question of Teamwork

Why is this person standing in a field making daisy chains instead of doing something to help?
Do they know they're on your side?
Do they know that the aim is to get that round thing between those posts and not those posts and do they know they aren't supposed to touch the round thing with their hands?
Have you told them?
Have they asked?

Why are you trying to kick your own ball into a completely different net?

Which team will succeed - the one where everyone is trying to get the ball between the posts or the one where half the team is making daisy-chains?  If they prefer making daisy-chains should they be in a daisy-chain making team?

Do you try to ask about we before you talk about I?

Why blame them - have you told them what you think?
Why blame them - have you listened to what they think?

If you can't help with that, is there something else useful you can do?

If you carry on making daisy chains don't expect a hug when someone scores.
You never know - you might enjoy the game if you play.