Saturday, 23 June 2012

Just call me Janus

Someone suggested the other day that perhaps I could call myself a Creative Media Evangelist. I rejected it of course.  I can't imagine being described as evangelical - a term now permanently associated in my mind with David Byrne's wonderfully insane performance in "Stop Making Sense".   It's a name only slightly less loathsome to me than 'Imagineer' - a job description I saw on a conference badge some years back.  My suspicion of the name was confirmed when the wearer spent the entire conference looking over the shoulder of people she was talking to, seemingly trying to make sure there. was no-one else more interesting in the room.

What I am is an advocate - a person who speaks or writes in support or defense, cause, etc.  What I'm an advocate for, is using digital media as a tool for integrating the curriculum.  Right now I'm heading for a career change.  St Felix Middle School will be closed in four weeks.  I've spent  four, mostly happy, years there teaching variously: Art, Film, ICT and Media . Next term I'm heading for a combination of pension, teaching Creative Media at KS3 and freelance working.

Sir Ken Robinson writes and speaks about finding your Element and it appears I found mine about ten years ago.  I don't believe this blog has always spelt out clearly why I think that Creative Media is so important.  It doesn't take the reading of many posts to deduce that I do believe it matters, but I intend to bring my reasoning blinking out onto the lines.
So as one door opens... I'm planning a series of posts explaining why I advocate a much higher priority for creating media with children from the early years on.  It hope it will help me pull together some of the things I've learned to consolidate them sufficiently to form the foundations of my future plans.
Watch this space...