Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Summer huh?

Any non-UK readers who saw something of the Jubilee Thames Pageant will have seen a sample of the summer we're having this year. My favourite summer quote came from Anglian Water this morning, when they announced they were lifting the hosepipe ban imposed this spring, after, " the wettest drought in history".  Normally in mid-June we'd be looking forward to a glass of golden ale lounging in the garden on a balmy summer evening.  But, as I write, our trusty woodburner is running and it doesn't feel too hot, even sitting next to it.  So it needs to be something rather special that would cause us to throw our windows open wide. But this chap has managed it on several evenings this week. So tonight I tiptoed down to the hazel bush with my laptop and Blue Snowball microphone and recorded the above (complete with busy bees). 
So turn up your speakers, press play, close your eyes and imagine a perfect English summer's evening... 
Mmm... I can almost smell the hops.