Monday, 24 September 2012

Becky's call to the barricades!

I was thinking I should do something a bit special for this, my 200th Digital Glue post. But then I saw Becky Parry's petition and found my head nodding extremely vigorously throughout. I've tweeted and facebooked and so, gentle reader now I've blogged too. Read her words below and sign her petition here
Education is too important to be used as a political football.
In recent years education, in the UK, has been in a constant state of flux. Politicians, of all persuasions, have moved curriculum and assessment goal posts, all too often ignoring their own civil servants, commissioned reports and research evidence. Meanwhile, a strong feature of Finland's excellent education system is long-term, sustained improvement. In Finland children don't start formal schooling until they are 6 and play and autonomy are strong features throughout primary. Parents are involved in their children's learning and not in 'running' schools. Policy is also made by education experts and teachers are given the respect they deserve. Research informs practice as opposed to the UK process of cherry picking 'evidence' to support a return to an archaic and out-moded system. Unlike UK politicians, they don't design the education system in order to increase the number of children who are failed. Neither do they design the higher education system for the rich or those prepared to be in debt.
Enough is enough! I for one am sick of my children being the subject of a series of social experiments. We want our children to learn to learn, to be curious and full of wonder. Surely nothing is more important. We don't want children who can recite VCOP or decode synthetic words. We want them to be creative and empathetic. Action is now absolutely essential- teachers, parents and children should be at the centre of all decision-making about their own learning. The democratic process, including national and local government and key stakeholders should make it possible to create sustainable change in order to enhance children's lives. Stop politicians increasing their control over the  education system, before they score any more own goals.