Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Slingshot: Smartphone stabiliser review

I think this is probably the first time I've ever written a product review on this blog - which goes to show that I'm seriously impressed
Way back in the early summer I was contemplating the purchase of a new phone. All the flagship smartphones offer HD video and considering this I started investigating useful accessories...

Read any guide to improving your videos you'll be almost certainly be advised to use a tripod. Add to shaky hands the problem of holding a phone without getting you fingers in the way of the lens while using the on-screen controls and, despite the HD you can end up with some horrible video. You can buy tripod mounts for the iPhone but very little for any others.

So I was delighted to come across a Kickstarter page for the Slingshot. The picture above (links to Lifehacker review) shows clearly how it works. A ball swivel head will let you change the angle of the phone. The cradle is made from flexible plastic and fits my HTC X1 with a gel cover on with no problem. The tripod function is handy for using my phone's satnav in the car too. I get the feeling I may well  replace the handle with a Gorillapod at some point but the whole device is light and fits comfortably in my bag for use when needed.
It's available from woxom and currently costs around £12.50 although it's around £10.00 delivery costs from the USA.  Charles Waugh the inventor deserves to get rich from such a reasonably priced, simple and well-made design