Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Errata - embedding video

Photo: Timothy Valentine
This just goes to show it's sensible to look really well before you leap. I'm busily showing students how to use embed code that worked fine for me yesterday only to find that it doesn't work at school. 
So back to searching and, to my astonishment and shame discover that not only is there a really simple way of embedding video in Google Sites - but there has been for ages. And me an "expert" an' all...
Do I feel stupid for yesterday's posting? Well yes of course I do, especially when I picture all those readers thinking "I know a much simpler way than that" and even worse when I imagine readers thinking  "Ooh.... my hero... What would I do without him (gasp)".
Then of course reality intrudes and with it the dawning realisation  that it's quite unlikely either of these things has happened (especially the latter) . 
Even so by way of an errata here's a HowTube video...