Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Reflection versus Evaluation

Why do I blog? Many reasons, but perhaps the key is that it gives me a space to reflect on my life; and I find that both enjoyable and worthwhile. Subjects for posts emerge from my life's compost. The idea that other people will read what I write causes me to shape my experiences for their consumption - and that shaping requires me to make sense of what I'm thinking and doing.
It requires me to reflect.

Back in November I was working intensively on a Key Stage 3 scheme of work for Creative Media. I had decided to use a design thinking approach to give the course structure without dictating the content overmuch. Formal Evaluation is so often something tacked on to the end of a project yet seemed to me that evaluating a current project was something that any creative person does ad hoc. Or in current edspeak it's formative self-assessment. Then I realised that since this blog is one of the key tools I have for doing this, why not ask students to blog? I added an Announcement page to the students e-portfolio (a Google Sites template). The badge for the blogging was called an evaluation badge. Since then I found Peter Pappas work summarised in his Prezi below.

I realised that Evaluation was far too tight a definition of the discursive, meandering cogitations that happen when thinking about work in progress. Reflection is a looser, baggier concept which Peter Pappas licks into shape somewhat through his use of Bloom's Taxonomy. Regular readers of this blog will know I'm slightly ambivalent about the strict hierachical form of the taxonomy. But the questions PP generated in the student section of his site seem useful and dig deep.  I had a few (minor) problems with them: they seemed not always appropriate to the age I'm teaching (11-14), occasionally in American English (surprise!) and not in a form I could use. So I made this slideshow for students to use in my lessons.

I've also redesigned the  badge and StarGets to take the new ideas into account. For all that jazz see my Badges page