Wednesday, 24 April 2013


I had a rant today:

I asked my year 8 not to blog helloMum posts.

What do you mean sir? know those news items (usually on local TV) where a reporter interviews an eyewitness...

Mrs. Pudding can you tell us what happened?
Well, I was talking to my neighbour outside the shop when the lorry came right up on the pavement it was horrible there was...

Meanwhile, behind Mrs Pudding but clearly in shot, there are kids jumping around, waving and pulling faces for the camera.
Now that's a helloMum.
Now a helloMum post is easy to spot. It's called something like:

Aaron is cool.

That's all. No content. Just the title.

Aaron is cool.

Except of course cool is in upper case,
has six 'o's,
fifteen 'l's
and as many exclamation marks as will fit the title box.

Aaron, I have news for you.
Aaron, you are not cool.
In fact Aaron, you are an idiot.


It must have been a good rant. I got a small round of applause.

No Aarons were harmed in the production of this rant. 
All Aarons appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real Aarons, living or dead, is purely coincidental