Friday, 21 February 2014

re:Design Thinking - Crystallization

Well, I asked for feedback about this blog - the first step in re-designing anything. I even added a questionnaire in a post but, despite the fact that more than 300 people read the post, I wasn't greatly surprised that no-one filled the form in - why should they? The feedback I did get, came from family and friends.
Was it useful? Did I get any more than, 'very nice dear'
OK... let's just say the mindstorm of internal feedback it unleashed, reached its screaming pitch a couple of days ago and hasn't really stopped yet...

I blame Liz.
Let me explain.
I had a pretty clear idea of what was needed. This blog needed to be more: 
  • attractive
  • accessible 
  • professional, yet personal  
so that the medium was the message. Some needs were obvious: 
  • rationalizing the page navigation tabs
  • a showcase for all my online material  
  • the sidebar was problematic. 
I had my own re-design brief, which I was happily working to... until Liz sent her email. It had a few, apparently simple, suggestions: a 'landing' page for people using, a newsletter and, maybe, a downloadable book of ideas? 
I'm no chemist, but I remember well how supersaturated solutions begin to crystallize when you tap the side of the test tube. Liz's suggestions produced a landing page and a newsletter but even more significantly a much greater sense of connectedness. This blog is now a site, a hub. 

No. In fact, it's actually a rhizome and, hopefully, will continue to sprout.
But please let it happen just a bit slower. It's not Spring here... yet...
This extraordinary image by Vince McKelvie appeared whilst looking for an animated picture of a rhisome, which led me here and from there to (Warning: sit down before clicking) here. And don't forget to refresh.