Tuesday, 18 March 2014


DG wallpaper standard
Perusing my My Pictures folder I came upon some wallpaper I downloaded a while back. It showed the Earth in space. Admiring it, I wondered how it might look with my DG logo in the middle instead of the Earth. It looked good, I thought, so I set it as the background on my laptop.
Opening up this morning I realised that the image had almost certainly been copyright – not so good for someone concerned about intellectual property. So I hunted once more for an image that was labelled for re-use with modification and found this one. I copied and tweaked it a bit, added my logo and ‘atmosphere’ et voila. It really does look pretty good, I thought. So good I’ll offer it to the world via my blog, I thought. Click it to open full size, right click to save picture et voila – there you have it.
And then it struck me…
Why on earth should the world want Digital Glue wallpaper - for goodness sakes? What overweening vanity! Looking at the image I realised the symbolic significance also demonstrated just a little more self-importance than it was comfortable to behold. Digital Glue:Centre of the Universe ? Verging on megalomania, I thought. Worse still perhaps, gigalomania.
After this brief outburst of self-mortification, came the inevitable self-justification.
Digital Glue is the centre of my universe… No, no couldn’t possibly be – what would the family say?
Digital Glue is the centre of my creative universe… hmmm…maybe that’s why you haven’t finished fixing the toolshed – too busy playing on your laptop?
Digital Glue is the centre of my online universe… not too bad… and at least it doesn’t feature posts headed 10 Awesome Ways to Improve the World.
Phew that’s OK. Not a giglomaniac after all.
Hang on… how come that wallpaper is still up there?